NEW Organoleptic Herbal Session



Sunday 3rd September 2017 11am-2pm

Join the herbalist Louise Sam on an exploration of our senses (sight, smell, taste and touch) through an ancient and meditative process of herbal tasting.

During this session, we will also introduce the use of sound as a powerful healing tool. As with our other senses, sound is an essential element to our survival. Hearing and anticipating oncoming danger can be lifesaving. But sound also enables us to interact with our surroundings in other ways – to communicate with other people, to understand and be understood. Sound can also have dramatic effects on our emotional and psychological health – pushing ourselves in the gym when we hear a particular song or bursting into tears when we hear another piece of music. Sound can be a multi-sensory experience and provide us with an incredible tool for introspection and grounding.

To book or for more information:

No previous experience required. These sessions are open to all

Refreshments provided by Vegan Food Planet

Tickets: £15 adults/£7.50 children under 16 years

Venue: 867 High Road, London, N17 8EY