Minute Meditation - anger

The funny thing about making this video is that every time I tried to record the audio, something outside would interrupt me - the refuse collectors, someone's alarm was going off and then someone started mowing their lawn. With each interruption, I could feel myself getting more frustrated. 

The first sound you hear is me sounding to acknowledge and release that feeling (and whatever other gremlins were hiding in there). It was another important reminder that our focus should be primarily on aligning our internal self to be able to deal with the outside world.

As one of my favourite teachers says, the work that we do is not always pretty with roses and unicorns. Sometimes it is murky and we have to honour that in ourselves and in others.

This video is a very brief example of some of the exercises we will be doing during the Organoleptic Herbal Session on 3rd September, so if you enjoyed this or want to find out more, come along! You DON'T have to be a singer, a yogi, a guru, a shaman...

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