Minute Meditation - softness

Making this video has caused a lot of resistance, hesitation, self-doubt and fear. Eventually I had to give myself a firm talking to, which ended with me telling myself to "get over myself". (It was a very confusing conversation). The essence of it is, there is no point in me learning things and experiencing things if I can't share them with other people who may find them useful as they go through their own process.

The point of the minute meditation is to reset your nervous system, to energise you, to ground you when you are feeling shaky, to help you start meditating if that is your goal.

The idea is that you can do a minute meditation anywhere - on the tube, at your desk, waiting in a queue without anyone realising what you are doing!

This video is a very brief example of some of the exercises we will be doing during the Organoleptic Herbal Session on 3rd September, so if you enjoyed this or want to find out more, come along! You DON'T have to be a singer, a yogi, a guru, a shaman...

For more details visit: https://herbalsep.eventbrite.com/