Set Your Own Course

To the week that was...

Running through the park in the rain (one of the best sensations known to man), towards about 100 Park Run runners who looked at me as though I was lost or crazy. It made me recall a conversation I had earlier in the week with a small but ferocious young woman about the fact that not everyone will see the journey you have decided to take or understand why you have chosen to take the path less travelled. Staying grounded, focused on your goals or dreams and enjoying the ride can often be the best path to take.

Wellness Collective

Last week I was also fortunate to meet up with an incredible group of woman who have enriched my life a great deal in the short space of time I have known them. From being invited to speak at their events to just being able to call them to vent, I am grateful to know them and look forward to what is to come as a collective but also within our individual projects and businesses.