Why Hire a Well-Being Mentor?


A large part of your working week may be spent dealing with tasks that are time-consuming or overwhelming, preventing you from developing your business further or enjoying your leisure time. As a freelance Well-Being Mentor I can help you to streamline your tasks or support you by undertaking a wide range of administrative tasks or collaborating on projects, enabling you to focus on high revenue aspects of your business or simply just have a more balanced, enjoyable lifestyle.

The services provided by a Well-Being Mentor are similar to those of a virtual assistant or virtual PA, however, I offer a more holistic approach to help reduce stress levels, prevent long absences from work due to ill health and provide a more satisfying working environment.

Many people assume that hiring a Well-Being Mentor is just for big companies however, my Well-Being Mentor services are ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Leveraging (or outsourcing) tasks or collaborating on projects is actually cost-effective, drives business growth and gives you more time to focus on key areas of your business or your personal life.

Here are some of the reasons why hiring a Well-Being Mentor could be the right solution for you:

  • Drives business growth

By leveraging out tasks, you will be able to focus on more income-generating areas of your business and follow up on new business leads.

Hiring a Well-Being Mentor gives you more time to investigate other business opportunities.

  • Reduced workload

More time to focus on your personal life and family

  • Decreased operational costs

Only pay for the work you require. With a range of packages available, you can be sure that you are only paying for productive time.

No need to pay employee benefits – holidays, maternity cover, sick pay, training, etc.

As I work remotely from my home office, there is no need to factor in the added cost of office equipment or space when hiring a Well-Being Mentor.

  • In-depth industry knowledge

With an extensive background in health and well-being, I can collaborate with you on projects and tasks that can help to drive your business. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, running a business alone can sometimes become quite isolating or repetitive. Collaboration provides:

Access to new technologies and innovations

Risks reduction

Increased networks

Increased educational opportunities


  • Improve online presence

Respond to customer queries faster and more consistently

Maintain a constant stream of engaging content

  • Flexible working schedule

Project basis or hourly basis

  • Strengthen weak areas

A Well-Being Mentor can assist in areas of your business where they may be a skills gap such as with administration or industry-related knowledge

  • Holistic approach

Your health doesn’t need to suffer from running a successful business. In fact, placing an emphasis on your health and well-being can positively affect your business.

  • Professional service



Excellent customer service skills

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