Back To My Why

To the week that was.

Peak District Bridge

Once I drove to the Peak District with the intention of visiting a very specific location within the 554.83 square mile national park. I entered the details into Google Maps and after a stress-free journey, I arrived at the Peaks but couldn’t find the spot I wanted to visit. After a few minutes cussing to my phone, I realised that I was in fact standing in the exact spot I wanted to visit. I literally couldn’t see the woods for the trees. The journey only improved as I found a free parking space a few minutes away from the visitor centre which was pay and display (I love free parking - another story for another time). There was no mobile phone reception so I spent a few hours in peace, not tempted to check my phone or receive any calls. I had switched off the unnecessary chatter and come back to earth. I had everything I needed. Even the light raindrops seemed to fall and dry instantly. OK, maybe I’m romanticising it but it was beautiful.

That story came to me this week as I reflected over my whys and how I had let them become overshadowed by fear, doubt, box sets and other people’s problems. My higher self, guidance system, intuition or in the case of the Peak District - Google Maps, knew exactly knew where I needed to be at that moment in time and took me there. The moment I started to doubt myself (and my phone), my anxiety levels started to rise. I felt myself becoming frustrated and disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to complete the task I had set for myself. Once I was able to get over my hissy fit and trust the journey, the richer the experience became. There were times where I didn’t even bother taking any pictures because there was no way my camera would be able to adequately capture those moments. Without experiencing the sounds, smells, cold breeze on your cheeks, and the vivid colour of the scenery, a picture would be pointless.

Peak District Trees

Looking over my health, physical, financial and relationship whys, celebrating the things I had achieved, reevaluating the things I didn’t, and tweaking where necessary, helped me to see the woods a lot clearer. Almost immediately, the people, experiences and opportunities I wanted started to come into my life and I dropped deeper into a place of allowing rather than forcing. Deeper into the nowness of it all.

Back at the Peaks, even if I didn’t find the exact location I was searching for, I still had over 500 square miles to explore which would have been just as breathtaking. The same principle can be applied to our whys. Even if we don’t reach the targets we were hoping for, we will still have countless options available to us and will amass new experiences, skills and relationships that will enrich our lives in immeasurable ways .

Peak District Climb