The Dolly Principle


As I sat by the sea, reading my book and sipping on my mocktail, a man asked me what I was doing. I replied that I was supposed to be working. He laughed and said I needed to teach him how to work.

I then realised that I had allowed 'playing small' chat to fall out of mouth. I wasn't 'supposed to be working', I WAS working. Yes, the location was idyllic but I was doing something to expand my mind and help improve my practice. After leaving that location, I was heading to a meeting to discuss future events.

I didn't say all of that to justify my sitting by the beach 🤣 As many of us have, I have been indoctrinated with the mindset that work has to be gruelling, monotonous and stressful, and anything that deviates from that is wrong. Work doesn't have to be gruelling, monotonous or stressful but it should be productive, and this can be displayed in an ever-evolving and wide variety of ways.

Enjoy where it takes you.