Agree to disagree?

My wise old dad would always say to us “everybody has the right to their own opinion, no matter how wrong they may be”.

Although a slightly humorous quote, it has become a useful mantra in my personal and professional life. My interpretation of it is, not simply to dismiss another person’s view but accept it for what it is and honour them for who they are (right or wrong).

It can often be physically, mentally and spiritually draining to try and get someone to see things from your point of view. And sometimes we have to ask ourselves, why do we need that person to see our point of view? Validation, ego, power?

Whether it is our choice of diet, the way we raise our children, the relationships we choose, our religious beliefs, our sexual orientation - we will always find differences of opinion and who is to say who is right? The world would be a very boring place if we all shared the same views.

Many teachers will describe our ability to stand in our power, be connected to source, engaged with our quantum midline… All of which can enables us to be connected to our own purpose and our higher selves. Essentially, when we are aligned, or working to be aligned with our purpose, the opinions (right or wrong) of others do not usually cause us to react aggressively, emotionally or irrationally. We can be grounded in the knowledge that we are where we need to be at this moment in time and who knows we may, in time, start to change our opinions.

Don’t you agree?