Express Yourself

Express Yourself

A few years ago, I realised I had stopped singing and laughing. I had essentially lost my voice. It was a gradual process, so I didn’t even notice it had happened, but I knew why it happened. I was in situations where I felt I couldn’t express my true desires, thoughts and emotions, mainly for fear they would be rejected or for disrupting the status quo. I had to make a choice to find my voice.

The Emotional Body

The Emotional Body

Modern disciplines of medicine have changed the way we think about and measure emotions. Branches such as psychoneuroendocrinology are helping us to understand, not only the way our emotions affect our own bodies, but also how our emotions can affect or be affected by others.

The Dolly Principle

The Dolly Principle

As many of us have, I have been indoctrinated with the mindset that work has to be gruelling, monotonous and stressful, and anything that deviates from that is wrong.

Work patterns, habits and locations have changed significantly in recent years, but has our conscience followed suit?

Cranio-Sacral Therapy and the Viscera


This past weekend I started the FINAL module of my cranio-sacral training on viscera, which further emphasised for me how incredible the human body is, how we hold trauma in our body and the many ways healing can take place.

It is very difficult to describe the sensations experienced during a Cranio-Sacral treatment (both giving and receiving a session) and after two years of training and many years of experiencing this treatment, I struggle even more to describe it.

During my herbal training, we were taught how to locate and palpate certain organs but being able to tune it to the motion, quality, sound and smell of these organs is beyond words. Life is now split into before cranio and after cranio and I am so excited about where this journey is going to take me.

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Minute Meditation - SBS Flow

The sphenobasilar junction  or sphenobasilar synchondrosis (SBS) is a cartilaginous joint in the cranium where the body of the sphenoid and the basilar portion of the occiput meet or articulate. Restrictions in any part of the cranium will affect the entire cranial structure however, it is the movement of the SBS that is pivotal to the entire cranio-sacral system.

Restrictions at the SBS (such as compressions, twists or torsions) can lead to dysfunction of the endocrine system, reduced cerebrospinal fluid flow, decreased vascular flow into the cranium, etc. Restrictive patterns at the SBS can also reflect restrictions or traumas in other parts of the body.

This clip is a short movement meditation of the six patterns that can be felt at the SBS – flexion/extension, compression/decompression, lateral shift, vertical shift, side-bending and torsion.

(In this clip my torso or arms represent the sphenoid and my legs the occiput, with my waist being the SBS joint?).

Music: 'Fairy Tale' by Me!

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