mindfulness sessions
28th september and 26th october

Grounding and uplifting meditation practices for all ages and abilities.

Taking place at
Codrington College
Farmer’s Market, St. John

Free to join

Holistic Living

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Well-Being Mentor

Business support, virtual assistance

Holistic Living

Health and well-being should be available to all and Louise is passionate about supporting her clients to achieve their personal and professional goals, with a holistic approach.

Louise has been in the field of natural health and beauty for over 12 years - she is a Medical Herbalist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist and has worked with some of the UK’s leading organic health brands and complementary therapy colleges.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Herbal Medicine

Louise Sam Medical Herbalist and Well-Being Mentor

Well-Being Mentor

With an extensive background in complementary health, administration, as a PA, account manager and in customer service, Louise has an acute understanding of how stress and excessive workloads can have a negative effect on your business and your physical and mental health.

With this experience, Louise is able to provide business support particularly for those in the health and well-being sector including complementary therapists, yoga teachers, counsellors and personal trainers.

Louise is now based in Barbados.